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Kendall Water Damage Restoration Company

Kendall Water damage restoration can often surprise homeowners and businesses. Whether it is an overloaded washing machine, a broken pipe or a leaky roof, water damage quickly adds up and only gets worse the longer it is not repaired.

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Many building materials tend to absorb water, furniture, upholstery, and cabinets. Wooden fortifications warp and deform as gypsum and drywall begin to crumble, and fabrics house mold and bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. 

Kendall Water Damage Restoration Company

Our process is simple and effective: stop the water source, Draw out the water, dry out all the affected areas, treat the affected areas with mold protection agents and restore affected structures or damaged areas if any.

As a trusted restoration service provider in the water damage remediation industry, ERS of Kendall strives to take immediate emergency measures around the clock and is 100% dedicated to your restoration needs. As we also stay and work in this community. We could even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated restoration company, we are ready to respond immediately to your water damage restoration needs in Kendall

We pride ourselves on being an active member of the Kendall, FL community and would like to do our part to make our community as good as possible.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • The immediate response around the clock
  • 100% free on-site inspections
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Advanced restoration equipment and processes
  • Certified and fully insured
  • Direct insurance bill

Regardless of whether it is a private or commercial water damage emergency, we have everything for you.

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Water Soiled Carpets
  • Damaged Tiles & Flooring
  • Water Damaged On Ceilings
  • Water Damaged On Walls
  • Water Damage In Basements
  • Water Damage From Burst Pipes
  • Drying Water Damage
  • Water Damaged Roof

What to do after water damage or flooding?

  • Remove excess water by wiping and dabbing.
  • Wipe off excess water from wooden furniture after removing all table items.
  • Remove and support wet cushions and pillows.
  • Put wooden blocks or aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Remove colored carpets from wet carpets.
  • Remove all artwork in a safe and dry place.
  • Collect loose objects from the floor.
  • Stay away from rooms where the ceilings sag.
  • Switch off the interrupter plate.
  • Turn off the water pipe.

What we should not do after water damage or flooding?

  • Do not leave wet fabrics in place. Hang up furs and leather goods.
  • Do not leave books, magazines, or other colored objects on wet carpets or floors.
  • Do not use a household vacuum cleaner to clean/remove water.
  • Do not use television or other electrical devices.
  • Do not use your household appliances.
  • Do not turn on ceiling fixings when the ceiling is wet.

Choose Us as your Water damage Restoration Company in Kendall, FL

Water. The life force of our world. It is also one of the most powerful and destructive elements in Mother Nature.

If you are dealing with a category of water damage, immediate action is crucial. We guarantee an immediate response around the clock. Use advanced equipment and techniques to quickly remove water and closely monitor the process of water damage restoration to ensure that your property is properly and thoroughly dried from water damage.

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Water damage mitigation is the most long-term destructive force indoors. The destructive effects caused by water are significantly reduced by immediate and effective measures, especially within the first 24 to 48 hours.

The extent of water damage rises if the water is not sanitary, the long-standing water stays untouched, ultimately when professional water damage remediation services are delayed. If it not treated timely, the prolonged presence of stagnant water, excess moisture, deep flooding can result in serious structural damage, deterioration of personal property, growth of mold, and odor development.

Water damage can happen due to multiple sources:

  • Bursting or leakage of pipes
  • Plumbing problems
  • Crawl space, basement or attic water accumulation
  • Malfunctions of household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.)
  • HVACs
  • Water heater
  • Storm surge
  • Natural disasters

You name it, we know it. Regardless of the cause, potential damage and costs increase exponentially the longer you wait. It is always best to fix any water damage quickly and properly by hiring experienced water damage restoration experts to minimize costs and minimize damage. With us, you can expect highly qualified and experienced specialists with advanced equipment and training for all water damage work.

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